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If you get that statement, you belong here.

Ok, so now that people have actually joined, I guess it's time to put something in here. Basically, as you can tell from the interests page, this is a comm for people that are really into games. That's about it. Like the first thing said, if you understand that statement, you belong here.
action/adventure games, albert odyssey, am2, arcades, art of fighting, auto modellista, biohazard, bomberman, bonk’s adventure, brave fencer musashiden, breath of fire, burning rangers, bust a groove, capcom, capcom vs snk, cardfighter’s clash, chrono cross, chrono trigger, crazy taxi, darkstalkers, daytona usa, dead or alive, donkey kong, dragon force, dragon quest, dragon warrior, dreamcast, earthbound, ehrgeiz, einhander, enix, excitebike, f-zero, famicom, fatal fury, fighting games, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics, final fight, front mission, gal’s fighter, game boy, game boy advance, gamecube, goemon, gran turismo, harvest moon, hideo kojima, hironobu sakaguchi, house of the dead, jet grind radio, jet set radio future, king of fighters, kirby, konami, legend of zelda, lunar, mario kart, mario party, marvel vs capcom, mega cd, mega drive, megaman, megaman legends, megaman x, metal gear solid, metroid, mr. domino, namco, neo-geo pocket, neogeo, night warriors, ninja gaiden, nintendo, nintendo 64, nintendo entertainment system, nobuo uematsu, panzer dragoon, parappa the rapper, parasite eve, pc engine, phantasy star, pilotwings, platform games, playstation, playstation 2, pokemon, power stone, project justice, puyo puyo, puzzle bobble, r-type, racing games, resident evil, rockman, rockman dash, rockman x, romancing saga, rpgs, samurai showdown, secret of mana, sega, sega cd, sega genesis, sega master system, sega rally, sega saturn, shigeru miyamoto, shining force, shinobi, shooters, side-scrollers, snk, sonic team, sonic the hedgehog, soul blade, soul caliber, soul edge, space channel 5, squaresoft, startropics, street fighter alpha, street fighter ii, street fighter iii, streets of rage, super famicom, super mario bros., super nintendo, super smash bros., tech romancer, tecmo, tekken, tetris, time crisis, tobal, turbo duo, vagrant story, vampire savior, virtua cop, virtua fighter, virtual on, warioland, waverace, xbox, xenogears, xenosaga, yasunori mitsuda, yoshi’s island, ys, yu suzuki