Thaao Hanshew (thaao) wrote in gaijin_gamers,
Thaao Hanshew

Monster Training Games

Hey, does anyone else like games about training monsters/robots/familiars? I am looking for reccomendations on this type of game, since I really like it, but I don't know where to hear about new/other titles in this genre.

Here are the games I have:

Pokémon Series, of course
Robopon 2
Digimon World series
Monster Rancher series
Jade Cocoon
Eternal Eyes
Azure Dreams
Tamagotchi series

and probably some more that I am not remembering. So can you reccomend some games to me? I have heard about Lostmagic and Tao's Adventure for DS, I just haven't been able to buy them yet. Games for any system are okay to reccomend, as long as they have a US version so I can play them on my consoles (no emulation). I have just about everything except for the more obscure things like 3DO. Japanese or Korean games are fine as long as they are for a system that can play them (like GBA).

Also, if you know of any games that have really fun familiar raising side-events like the chao raising in Sonic games, please tell me that too. I'm looking for anything that focuses on raising and training monsters or familiars, not just adding monsters to your party like Disgaea and FFT and Kartia.

Also, if you know any websites that focus specifically on news and info about this type of game, please tell me. Thanks everyone :)
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